Desert Hackberry_neighborhood


*PLEASE NOTE:  These will be approximately 2 ft tall upon delivery. Please do not order if this small height is an issue for you. Thanks!*

The desert hackberry is the perfect small shrubby tree for the bird lovers out there. Birds love the small orange fruit that ripen in the fall when they turn this small shrub in to a cacophony of bird activity. The dense growth and shade of the very thorny branches also make for the perfect bird habitat and provide them with a shady place to escape the summer heat and build their nests in. The small stature and dense growth of the desert hackberry make this a great choice for planting underneath taller trees to block early morning/late afternoon sun.

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Tree Stats
Native Yes
Type Semi-evergreen
Growth Rate Slow
Hardiness 10°F
Water Low
Mature Size H: 10 to 16 ft W: 8 to 10 ft
Thorns Yes
Flower Color/Season Greenish Yellow/Spring
Litter Low
Allergenic Moderate
Multi Trunk? Yes
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