Adopting a Site

Working together to improve Tucson!

Our greatest is need is volunteer groups that wish to make an ongoing (at least monthly) commitment to stewardship of a public area such as a park, street, wash, path, or traffic circle.

How to Adopt a Site

  • Get a group together: Gather interest from at least 5 members from your neighborhood association, school, civic club, sports team, scout and youth group, religious organization, workplace, military division, or other community-based group!
  • Select a group leader and alternate.  Your team leaders are essential for communicating with Tucson Clean & Beautiful, arranging with us for supplies, and for your group’s safe and positive experience and continued success as stewards at your adopted site. If there are changes
  • Pick an appropriate site for your group. We are especially seeking assistance for gateway street thoroughfares, and there are a variety of other sites available for volunteer groups to choose from. See the map of available sites.  If you’re not sure, let us know on your Interest Form what area of town your group would like to volunteer (cross-streets or zip code is great) or call (520) 837-6834 or email if you need help selecting a site.
  • Submit an Adopt-a-Park/Site interest form at least 3-5 weeks ahead of time, to allow for selecting/confirming a site, securing permission to proceed with your project, obtaining supplies, and meeting on site with group leadership in advance of your first project day.
  • adoptamapPublicize the project schedule and plans to your volunteer team! Regularly/advance-scheduled events are the most successful! If your group is willing to have outside volunteers assist (including court-ordered community service), let the Adopt-a-Park program staff know, as your group leader information can also be added to TCB’s volunteer opportunity list for other individuals to join.
  • Report on your group’s activity. Group leaders complete an online Volunteer Report (a copy will be sent back to you too) or download and return a printable/scannable Volunteer Report after each clean up, to track your cleanup progress and report any maintenance needs. and maintain communication with partnering government agencies. Regular cleanups and a report form are required to continue as a recognized volunteer group in good standing!
  • Be recognized as part of the solution in your community! After successful completion of a six-month minimum evaluation period, TCB and our partnering agencies will recognize your group’s ongoing stewardship commitment with a sign and ceremony at your adopted site. Your group can take pride in keeping our parks and streets safe and beautiful for all of us to enjoy. The investment you make is truly an investment in your community’s environment and quality of life! (Typical time from submission of interest, through startup, evaluation period, and to the date of a volunteer recognition ceremony is usually a full year).

Additional Notes:

  • TCB cannot adopt sites in the name of an individual/family, and we request that a lead and alternate contact not in the same family/household be provided for community groups where possible to ensure project continuity.
  • TCB cannot coordinate individual volunteer/community service projects –  and besides, it is more fun to volunteer and serve with others! If you or your family are not affiliated with any groups, see our Volunteer Opportunities page for contact information for area groups that can sometimes accommodate additional volunteers, or we are glad to help connect you with nearby projects as available.
  • “In Memory Of” signs not available: Adopt-a-Park & Public Areas program guidelines do not permit “In Memory Of” adoptions or recognition signage naming individuals for sites administered by TCB. A company or organization may volunteer to become stewards of a site with project recognition in that group’s name for a project inspired by loved ones. Or, consider purchasing a commemorative tree dedication to honor those you care about, for any reason! Parents or guardians of deceased children, regardless of age or circumstance, may also request engraving of the child’s name at one or both of the area children’s memorials.

For more information, email or call (520) 837-6834.