Program Staff

Meet the 2022/2023 team!

Alaina Pierce

Art and Communication

Alaina enjoys engaging with the community through various forms of art. You may find her at a local pop-up market selling her merch, or at a community event spray painting live. She is passionate about learning & sharing information regarding sustainable living practices, rainwater harvesting, and revitalization of indigenous languages & culture. After 5pm you can find her: Exploring the desert with her kids, playing guitar, or hanging out at a local hip hop show. Alaina’s sustainability tip: Make sure your recyclables are clean before depositing them. Alaina’s favorite tree: Cottonwood

Angelantonio Enriquez Breault (El/He)

Climate Equity Workforce and Education Director

Angel is a naturalist, conservationist, and educator based out of Chuk-son or Tucson, Arizona. Sonoran Desert born and raised, Angel feels privileged to be rooted in such an ecologically and culturally diverse part of the world. His work centers land-based education, intersectional environmental justice, and community action and empowerment. Sense of place, the natural world, reconciliation ecology, and storytelling are the concepts that guide his work in the Baja Arizona borderlands and beyond. Angel has worked managing environmental programs, designing curriculum, and overseeing grants for organizations such as the Arizona Sonora Desert Museum, Ironwood Tree Experience, the National Park Service, The Wilderness Society, the Arizona Trail Association, the Arizona Association for Environmental Educators, and the Cienega Watershed Partnership. When he’s not working, Angel enjoys exploring canyons, climbing, taking photos, and sharing meals with loved ones.
Avid & Carleen smiling under a rainbow umbrella at La Mar Park.

Avid & Carleen

Community Coordinators

Avid (she/they)
Carleen (she/her)

Avid and Carleen are your dedicated Community Coordinators at Tucson Clean & Beautiful (TCB). Together, they oversee the Land Stewardship program (aka: adopt-a-site) and assist in organizing your clean-up events! Carleen has returned to Tucson after a three-year stint in Texas, and Avid is a recent arrival from Washington D.C., bringing fresh perspectives to our team.

Avid is a multifaceted artist who thrives in both 2D and 3D creative spaces, with a passion for flow arts, including dragon-staff and hula hoops. Carleen, on the other hand, is an entrepreneurial spirit, owning a creative business that produces exquisite handmade bags and finely knitted items made from premium merino wool, showcasing her dedication to craftsmanship and design.

Jaime Cabrales (she/they)

Sustainability Leader

Jaime is an environmentalist, long-time vegan activist, nature enthusiast, and a sustainability advocate. Her work is inspired by social and environmental issues at the intersection of the natural world, humans, and non-humans. Growing up in a working-class household, Jaime's father, a Mexican immigrant, taught conservation as a way of life. Jaime began implementing many cultural traditions of their ancestors, immersing herself in practices of food gardens, fermentation and preservation, waste reduction, and environmental stewardship. Jaime strives to further her father's footsteps and share her knowledge of conservation with the community at large, diving fully into what it means to engage in purposeful action, in addition to building awareness on how to protect and reconnect to the world around us. In her free time, you’ll most likely catch Jaime Rock climbing, hiking with her dog, fermenting vegetables and nut cheeses, reading books in a hammock, and creating home-cooked vegan cuisine.

Katie Gannon

Executive Director


Phone: (520) 837-6833

Kendall Murie (He/Him/Napîw)

Green Stormwater Infrastructure Designer

Originally from the Rocky Boy Reservation, in Montana, Kendall Murie is an emergent design professional within the field of landscape architecture as well as an experienced environmental professional. An early life of travel with family up and down the western states has ingrained an appreciation for the desert, mountains, and the great basin and plains regions, so much so, that pursuing opportunities that include an aspect of working with the natural landscape is important for him. Working alongside TCB, Kendall fulfills that pursuit while assisting neighborhoods in integrating environmental corridors to help further realize the intrinsic value of living within local environmental communities. Kendall dedicates much of his free time to climbing and planning trips to explore iconic climbing destinations across the region. Sustainability values: Indigenous stewardship supports biodiversity and healthy ecosystems, further affirming land back causes. Kendall’s favorite plant is Dodecatheon, the Shooting Star plant, found in wet shaded areas.

Rebecca Johnstone

Trees For Tucson Program Manager

Becca loves being outside with trees and volunteers and teaching about the unique biodiversity of the Sonoran Desert. Her training as an arborist and education in landscape architecture prepare her for planting and growing trees in our desert environment. . Afterall, she spent two years in the Gambia growing trees with a grade school in a similarly challenging climate! After 5pm you can find her: Walking or running with her dog Comet Becca’s sustainability tip: Compost your food scraps or feed them to your chickens Becca’s favorite tree: Baobob

Sofia Angkasa

Finance Director

Phone: (520) 837-6830

Sofia finds it rewarding to be part of an organization that focuses on building community and helping to solve some of our environmental issues. Sofia has a degree in Cultural Anthropology and Fine Art. And with her past experience as an organic farmer and running a travel expedition company, balance the book becomes second nature. For her being part of this organization is not a job, it is a commitment to building a better future. After 5 pm you can find her: Planning her next adventure travel Sofia’s sustainability tip: Curb your material consumption Sofia’s favorite tree: One that she can sit underneath with a good book or one that provide food