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What is RAINworks?

Tucsonans understand that water is precious. We also know the issues it can create when it comes all at once during a monsoon storm. RAINworks is a collection of actions we can take to utilize stormwater to benefit plants, animals, and humans. One of those initiatives is The Green Stormwater Infrastructure Mini-Grant (GSI Mini-Grant). This initiative allows neighbors the chance to create green spaces along the city streets and public areas by harnessing and slowing stormwater so that it can infiltrate into the ground.

The program’s goal is to build climate-resilient communities through neighborhood-based, participatory green infrastructure projects to increase public open space, and improve public and environmental health and quality of life. Multiple benefits accrue to neighborhoods from harvesting stormwater projects that include trees and vegetation.

  • Cooler communities
  • Increased recreational opportunities
  • Enhanced quality of life 
  • Better stormwater management, especially with small rain events
  • Improved air quality 
  • Traffic calming (traffic slows down)
  • A sense of place
  • Reduced erosion and soil loss
Join with your neighbors and submit a proposal. Your neighborhood will be better for it!
The GSI Mini-Grant Program is a program of Tucson Water and administered by Tucson Clean & Beautiful. GSI Mini-Grants are available within each Tucson Council Ward. The maximum grant award for each Ward is $50,000 and multiple smaller grants may be awarded up to $50,000 each year. We encourage you to apply to help improve your neighborhood!