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Urban Forestry

Tucson Clean & Beautiful is committed to fostering programs that help develop urban forestry in Tucson. Our Trees for Tucson store is an ecommerce platform that sells trees to residents, Home Owner Associations, and schools. We wholeheartedly believe that trees can improve your neighborhood and what better way to get to know your neighbors than planning a tree planting event! Pop on over to our Tree Store, buy a couple trees for your home and maybe drop us a line if you want some help planning a fun event for your neighborhood.

Economic Benefits

Urban forestry plays a crucial role in enhancing the quality of life in cities and urban areas. By planting and maintaining trees in urban environments, we can realize a multitude of benefits. As these trees we plant mature, they can save up to 20% in energy costs by providing natural shade and insulation. They also boost property resale values by as much as 15%, making them a valuable investment.

In essence, urban forestry is a multifaceted endeavor that not only enhances our surroundings but also promotes sustainability, health, and well-being throughout our great city.

Environmental Benefits

adopt a road or park

Ecologically speaking, urban trees act as nature’s water reservoirs, retaining moisture and reducing the need for irrigation, thus conserving water resources. Moreover, they play a pivotal role in preventing erosion and mitigating runoff, protecting the environment and infrastructure alike. They act as vital carbon sinks, absorbing and sequestering CO2, while also helping to reduce CO2 emissions from power plants by cooling urban environments through shade and evapotranspiration.

adopt a road or park

Health Benefits

Urban forestry contributes to the mental well-being of residents by reducing stress and anxiety, and it fosters a sense of community by bringing people together through tree planting initiatives and gatherings beneath their cooling canopy. Trees create habitat for native songbirds and provide a sense of tranquility for you and your pets. Beyond these tangible benefits, trees add natural beauty and expand our daily living areas into shaded, outdoor spaces, enhancing the aesthetics and overall livability of urban environments, which we as Tucsonans need desperately.