Velvet Mesquite


The velvet mesquite is a fast growing medium sized tree with thorns that matures up to 40 feet tall and wide. The fern-like leaves and fruit have short dense hairs that give them the appearance of velvet.  It is winter deciduous in areas of frost. The Velvet Mesquite produces fragrant spikes of yellow flowers in April and sometimes again in August when it rains. This is an excellent shade tree, but needs a fair amount of room due to horizontal branching.


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Tree Stats
Native Yes
Type Semi-evergreen
Growth Rate Moderate
Hardiness 0°F
Water Low
Mature Size H: 25 to 40 ft W: 25 to 40 ft
Thorns Yes
Flower Color/Season Yellow/Spring
Litter Seasonal
Allergenic Moderate
Multi Trunk? Yes
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