Plant Nurseries

= Tucson Clean & Beautiful Member/Partner
  • Arizona Pistachio Nursery
  • Civano Nursery
    TCB Member; Offers TCB members discounts on trees.
  • Desert Trees Nursery
    Desert Trees Nursery specializes in growing native and arid-adapted plant material suited for the Southwest desert climate. These plants offer many benefits: a wide array of colors, tolerance of heat and cold, attracting butterflies, hummingbirds and other wildlife. But the biggest benefit of all is water conservation. Native and arid-adapted plant material is an important part of our Southwest way of life. With the high rate of growth occurring in the Southwest, native and arid-adapted plants help conserve finite resources, while providing habitats for wildlife and creating beautiful landscapes in the process.
  • Harlow Gardens
    Offers a discount to TCB Members! Being a Harlow Gardens client means that you are entitled to our utmost care, protection and guidance throughout the entire experience. We are gratified by the honors and recognition we have received, and humbled by the trust given us by you, our friends and clients.
  • Magic Garden Nursery
    Offers a discount to TCB Members! We are all passionate gardeners ourselves, so whether you want a tropical paradise or a native xeriscape garden we can help you make it happen. In addition to our 'magic garden', we also offer landscaping and irrigation services. This includes patio pavers, synthetic lawns, tree planting, and irrigation installation and repair.
  • Rillito Nursery
    Offers a discount to TCB members!
  • Silverbell Nursery
    Offers a discount to TCB members!