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Terms & Conditions


  • To qualify for tree delivery, you must live within a 30 mile radius from downtown Tucson (Broadway & Stone). We DO NOT deliver to the Mt Lemmon/Summerhaven area.
  • Trees for Tucson (TFT) and Tucson Clean and Beautiful (TCB) do not plant or maintain trees, but planting and maintenance instructions will be provided when we deliver the trees.
  • The trees are #5, or often referred to “5-gallon”, in size, or approximately equivalent. Volume of container is not guaranteed to be 5 gallons. TFT reserves the right to select trees not in a #5 or 5 gallon container; these include a #3 bag container, or a “squat” #5 pot used by some nurseries.
  • Heights of the trees vary throughout the year and by species, but are usually 3 feet or taller.
  • Orders containing 1 tree will be charged a $5 flat shipping fee. To qualify for free shipping you must order 2 or more trees or use a coupon code granting you free shipping.
  • If you live outside of our delivery radius, arrangements must be made with TFT to pick up your trees at our centrally located storage yard.
  • You agree to plant trees at least 10 ft. from sewer lines, 5 ft. from water lines, and 3 ft. from other utility lines.
  • You agree to not plant tree(s) under overhead lines. TFT is held harmless from all liability associated with tree planting and maintenance.
  • You agree that you are the property owner, or have permission to plant from the property owner.
  • If you are a Trico member and want to purchase your discounted trees through their program, you will need to do that through their website. If you live in our delivery area, you are also qualified to order more trees through our website.


  • Secure payments can be made online with most major credit cards. Transactions are handled by the payment processor Stripe. TCB and TFT do not store your credit card information on our servers.
  • If you cannot pay by credit card, please call us at (520) 791-3109 extension 1, and we will assist you with your order.


  • All sales are final and no refunds or returns will be made on delivered tree orders. If you have not received your trees yet and you want to get a refund, please contact us to process a refund.

What to expect next:

  • After receipt of your order we will deliver trees within several weeks (no longer than 4 weeks). Holes do not need to be dug prior to delivery, but to avoid trees staying in pots for an extended period this will also give you adequate time for any site preparations including removal of tree stumps, other plants, etc.  To arrange for free utility location services, call AZ Blue Stake at 811 at least 72 hours prior to digging.
  • You will be sent an email notification informing you of your delivery date at least a day before the scheduled date.
  • Trees will be delivered directly to your home or business address as indicated on your order (you do not have to be present for delivery) or,
  • Consider organizing with your neighbors to submit orders around the same time and request a group delivery.  We can deliver to a pre-arranged location for a group, provide a tree planting demonstration, loan you tools and refer you to volunteer urban foresters who can assist your group on planting day.