Pineapple Guava

Acca sellowiana


A small shrubby tree, the pineapple guava is an easy to grow evergreen tree that puts out showy blooms in the spring and chicken-egg-sized ripe fruit in the fall. While not a true guava, both the flowers and the fruit are edible and they can handle temperatures all the way down to 10°F. While it can take the Sonoran heat, it will appreciate a little afternoon shade to avoid scorching the leaves during the summer.

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Tree Stats
Native No
Type Evergreen
Growth Rate Slow to Moderate
Hardiness 10°F
Water Moderate
Mature Size H: 10-15 ft W: 10-15 ft
Thorns No
Flower Color/Season White-Pink/Spring
Litter Low
Allergenic Low
Multi Trunk? Yes
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