Desert Willow


Native tree, fast growth up to 20’ tall. Beautiful pink flowers which attract hummingbirds from spring to fall. Deciduous – drops leaves in winter. Low pollen, good for those with allergies! Easy care, low maintenance tree. Smooth gray bark and soft, willow like leaves. Naturally has multiple trunks, good for a sculptural effect, or can be trained to a single trunk. Provides light, airy shade.

Note: If you are looking for a particular type of desert willow, please ask us about availability!

Tree Stats
Native Yes
Type Deciduous
Growth Rate Moderate
Hardiness 0°F
Water Low
Mature Size H: 15 to 30 ft W: 10 to 20 ft
Thorns No
Flower Color/Season White,Pink,Purple/Spring to Fall
Litter Seasonal
Allergenic Low
Multi Trunk? Yes
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