Chinese Elm


The Chinese elm (Ulmus parvifolia) also known as lacebark elm is a top performing non native shade tree.  It grows quickly, loves full sun and even stands up to reflected heat (as in parking lots). It is a great choice for a wide shade canopy, up to 35-40’ height and spread at maturity.  It grows fast and provides great shade at an early age. Small elliptic light green leaves with serrate margins, deciduous with yellowish-red fall color.

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Tree Stats
Native No
Type Deciduous
Growth Rate Fast
Hardiness 0°F
Water Low-Moderate
Mature Size H: 35-45 ft W: 35-45 ft
Thorns No
Flower Color/Season Inconspicuous/Spring
Litter Low
Allergenic Moderate
Multi Trunk? No
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