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Other Cleanup Resources

What Other Resources Are Available for Community Cleanup Projects? For community projects not qualifying for assistance as an Adopt-a-Park & Public Areas site please check [...]

What Other Resources Are Available for Community Cleanup Projects?

For community projects not qualifying for assistance as an Adopt-a-Park & Public Areas site please check with these entities for additional resources that may apply:

  • City of Tucson Planning and Development Services – Code Enforcement inspectors and programs assist with private property maintenance matters including inspection of vacant and neglected structures, illegal dumping, weeds, junk cars, improper roadside/utility pole signage and more. Call (520) 791-5843 for more information. For illegal dumping in progress, call 911 immediately.
  • City of Tucson Environmental Services provides roll-off container rental and waste disposal, for private residential and commercial property cleanup efforts. Fees apply. Roll-off dumpsters also available to registered neighborhood associations and groups of neighborhood volunteers. Call (520) 791-3171 for assistance. Other waste hauling options are also available for city and county residents and businesses; see additional listings in the TCB Reduce-Reuse-Recycle Environmental Directory.
  • City of Tucson Police Department assists with enforcement regarding junked or unlicensed cars parked along roadsides or easements, as well as neighborhood watch programs. Please call (520) 791-4444 for general non-emergency police department information.
  • Community Home Repair Projects of Arizona (CHRPA): Assists with emergency home repairs as well as adaptive and safety modifications for people with disabilities. (520) 745-2055
  • Good Neighbor Ventures, through its Neighborhood Community Action Group Program offers residents, schools, churches and neighborhoods tools and skills needed to identify their needs and bring in resources to empower their area. (520) 514-5740
  • Graffiti concerns may be reported to local jurisdictions for removal, or for code enforcement.
  • Habitat for Humanity: Neighbors helping neighbors maintain their homes. A Brush With Kindness is a program helping families to maintain the exterior of their homes.  Through exterior home repairs, individuals can live in safe, decent homes and restore the pride and dignity to their community. (520) 326-1217 ext. 23
  • Pima Council on Aging provides service referrals for qualifying senior citizens and disabled residents needing one-time community service assistance with cleanup of their property. Ongoing landscape and other property cleanup assistance continues to be the responsibility of the property owner. Repeated outside cleanup assistance may not be available, though neighbors may plan volunteer projects to continue supporting senior neighbors through a Neighbors Care Alliance program. (520) 790-7262
  • Shoes and other debris on power and other above-ground wires: Call Tucson Electric Power at (520) 623-7711 (or your local power provider) and give the nearest occupied (electric service) address as well as cross-streets and description of the issue, to request removal of the shoes or other debris from the lines.
  • Stray shopping carts within City of Tucson limits should be reported to (520) 791-3171 – email [email protected] or via the MyWaste App for mobile devices. For areas outside City of Tucson limits, Arizona Cart Services provides pickup service for shopping carts for many retailers. Call toll-free, 1-800-THE-CART (1-800-843-2278) or report stray shopping carts to the nearest store.
  • Tucson-Pima Arts Council provides assistance with review of murals and other public art projects to beautify and improve neighborhood public areas and other community-sponsored projects. Call (520) 624-0595 for more info.

Volunteer Opportunities In Tucson

Litter and beautification efforts are a region-wide issue and there are a variety of entities addressing this concern. There are plenty of volunteer opportunities in Tucson that help can make a difference. Sites that are not listed with the Tucson Clean & Beautiful Adopt-a-Park & Public Areas program may be available through these programs:

For more information, call (520) 791-3109 or email [email protected]