E Pluribus Recycles Play

E Pluribus Recycles! is a fun, interactive play designed for students in Kindergarten through 4th Grades. Starring E Pluribus Pack Rat, alongside Martina Parker, the Landfill Environmental Engineer, the play reinforces the need to preserve landfill space by Reducing, Reusing, and Recycling the “garbage” that we produce, rather than throwing everything away. This program heightens student awareness of all the recycling options available in the Tucson (curbside collection, neighborhood recycling centers, and landfill recycling drop-off). Performances are available free of charge to Tucson elementary schools.

The E Pluribus Recycles! Play is sponsored by the City of Tucson and Pima County with additional support from the Southern Arizona Environmental Management Society.

TBA- Due to Covid, E Pluribus recycles play will be on hold until further notice.

Call (520) 791-5000 or email recycle@tucsoncleanandbeautiful.org for more information and to arrange a show for your school.