Neighborhood Scale Stormwater Harvesting Program

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Tucsonans understand that water is precious.  We know, too, the threat that same precious water can be when it comes all at once during a monsoon storm.  The Neighborhood Scale Stormwater program allows neighbors the chance to slow stormwater and spread it into green space along the city streets and public areas.

The Neighborhood Scale Stormwater Harvesting Program developed by the City of Tucson Water Department and administered by Tucson Clean and Beautiful provides neighbors and community groups in the City of Tucson the ability to install stormwater harvesting features in their neighborhoods.  Neighborhood scale stormwater harvesting program grants are available within each Tucson Council Ward.  Maximum grant award for each Ward is $45,000.  Multiple smaller grants may be awarded up to $45,000.

The overall objective of the program is to provide neighborhoods with appropriate resources to plan and implement neighborhood scale stormwater harvesting installations with in a City of Tucson public area, roadway right of way, park, or open space.

Neighborhoods benefit from harvesting stormwater when projects include trees and vegetation.  Communities are cooler.  Recreation is encouraged.  Property values increase.  Air quality improves.  Traffic slows down.  Trees create a sense of place.  Quality of life is enhanced, and stormwater management improves during small rain events.

Join with your neighbors and submit a proposal.  Your neighborhood will be better for it!

Downloads and links for applying for the grant:

Request for Proposal and Application Packet (full document, Word format)

Or, online: web form submission to be combined with attachments or links below

  • Adopt-a-Site Interest Form: printable format or online form: for project proposals at public sites (including street right of way, parks, washes, and other publicly owned open space), the applicant group must agree to adopt the site for regular cleanup, maintenance and monitoring (at least monthly) and report activities to Tucson Clean & Beautiful. Additional site adoption information is also available.
  • Project consent form: Word document – project leaders must also get the consent of any adjoining property owners.

For any questions regarding the proposal, please email

Application packets and attachments may be submitted:

Tucson Clean & Beautiful, Inc.

Neighborhood Scale Stormwater Harvesting

P.O. Box 27210

Tucson, AZ  85726

  • Deliver to: Tucson Clean & Beautiful, Inc., 4004 S. Park Ave., Tucson, AZ  85714 – first driveway south of Ajo Way on the west side of Park Ave. Please call ahead to (520) 837-6830 for hours of availability.