Environmental Resources and Community Programs

= Tucson Clean & Beautiful Member/Partner
  • Antigone Books
    Additional location to purchase SunGo passes for Sun Tran public transit services.
  • Arizona Department of Agriculture
    Information on native plant laws, permits to move native plants off property, pest management licensing and much more.
  • Arizona Department of Environmental Quality
  • Arizona Department of Water Resources
    Low water use plant list and water conservation tips.
  • Arizona Geological Survey, Arizona Experience Store
    Interactive education displays and free information as well as books, maps, permits and more for sale relating to many facets of Arizona's outdoor environment.
  • Arizona Municipal Water Users Association
    Provides information on a variety of low water-use desert trees and plants that can be added to the landscape to create an attractive, naturally shaded home and community.
  • Arizona Native Plant Society
    Provides a wide variety of information about Arizona native plants, avoiding invasive plants, and much more.
  • Arizona Recycling Coalition
    Organization of professionals and citizens pledged to promoting recycling efforts in private, public and nonprofit sectors throughout Arizona.
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  • Arizona Riverpark Inn
    Additional location to purchase SunGo passes for Sun Tran public transit services.
  • Arizona SciTech Festival
    Held annually in February and March, this grass-roots, state-wide celebration of science, technology, engineering and math includes a series of over 400 expos, workshops, conversations, exhibitions and tours.
    (480) 250-7764
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  • Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum
    Museum hosts a variety of educational activities on native plants, wildlife, and other topics relating to the desert environment.
  • AZ Understanding Renewable Energy
    Educational programs relating to renewable energy resources.
  • Central Arizona Project (CAP)/Central Arizona Water Conservation District
    Education programs on water conservation, and community grant programs
  • City of South Tucson Public Works Servicio al cliente disponible en español
    Coordinates removal of graffiti and other infrastructure maintenance within the incorporated City of South Tucson limits, approximately bounded by 26th St., I-10, 40th St. and the railroad tracks.
    (520) 770-0032
  • City of Tucson Graffiti Removal Program Servicio al cliente disponible en español
    Coordinates removal of graffiti at residential and public sites visible from roadways within the incorporated City of Tucson limits.
    (520) 792-2489
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  • City of Tucson Office of Integrated Planning Servicio al cliente disponible en español
    Assists active neighborhood associations within City of Tucson limits with resources for their area.
    (520) 837-5013
  • City of Tucson Parks & Recreation
    Provides educational and recreational opportunities for Tucson residents. Ramada, field and special event reservations available.
  • City of Tucson Planning and Development Services Servicio al cliente disponible en español
    Enforces city code relating to junk vehicles, illegal dumping, weeds and vegetation overgrowth, loose trash, exterior storage, and homeless camps.
    (520) 791-5843
  • Community Information and Referral
    Provides information on a variety of human services, programs and organizations throughout the Tucson community. Dial 211, or alternate local phone number (520) 881-1794. Operated by Our Family Services.
  • Conserve2Enhance
    Provides a program to connect voluntary home and business water conservation to donations that support local environmental enhancement projects. Provides a conservation dashboard for tracking water usage trends.
  • Environmental Education Exchange
    (520) 670-1442
  • EPA Resource Conservation-Waste Reduction Model (WARM)
    Online calculator to help solid waste planners and organizations track and voluntarily report greenhouse gas emissions reductions from several different waste management and recycling practices.
  • EPA WasteWise Program
    This free program provides assistance to businesses and organizations to identify opportunities for reducing waste disposal. Tucson Clean and Beautiful is a WasteWise Endorser, and can assist with waste reduction efforts. Call (520) 791-5000 for information.
  • EPA WaterSense Program
    Tests, promotes and provides a listing of water efficient fixtures, irrigation systems, vendors and services.
  • Fred Archer Neighborhood Center
    Additional location to purchase SunGo passes for Sun Tran public transit services.
  • Friends of Tucson’s Birthplace - Mission Garden Servicio al cliente disponible en español
    Mission Garden is a living agricultural museum of Sonoran Desert-adapted heritage fruit-trees, traditional local heirloom crops and edible native plants, helping preserve, transmit and revive the region’s rich agricultural heritage of 4,000+ years.
  • Green Living Magazine
    Produces a sustainable lifestyle magazine in print and digital format.
    (480) 840-1589
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  • Keep Arizona Beautiful/Litter Hotline Servicio al cliente disponible en español
    Report litter illegally thrown from vehicles through this toll-free statewide hotline.
  • Local First Arizona
    Works to make Arizona a better place by supporting locally owned businesses and creating vibrant communities that residents are proud to call home. Also offers a Good Food Finder directory for local sources of food and drink.
    (520) 628-2724
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  • Marana Chamber of Commerce
    Hosts the periodic \"Big Green Marana\" event to help connect area residents, businesses and organizations to each other to help build the local economy while also benefiting the environment.
  • Maynards Market & Kitchen
    Additional location to purchase SunGo passes for Sun Tran public transit services.
  • Native Seeds/SEARCH
    Dedicated to conserving, distributing and documenting local wild and agricultural seeds, promoting farming and gardening in this region.
  • Physicians for Social Responsibility-Climate Smart Southwest
    This project was initiated to address public health vulnerabilities to climate change in our region and for our SW communities. Publishes the Citizen's Guide for Resilience to Climate Extremes (free download).
  • Pima County Department of Environmental Quality
    PDEQ identifies and responds to environmental issues including monitoring, permitting, enforcement, information, education and business assistance for air and water quality, solid waste, hazardous materials, waste minimization and pollution prevention. Also offers free classroom presentations for K-12 schools on Air Quality, Stormwater, Climate Change and other Eco Topics, helping to meet science and health education standards while educating students in a fun way about important environmental issues. Presenters use interesting props and interactive activities to engage audiences of all grades.
    (520) 243-7400
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  • Pima County Health Department
    The mission of this department is protecting health, preventing disease and promoting community well being through adoption of core public health functions and national standards. Coordinates reporting of areas with standing water or high mosquito activity.
    (520) 243-7770
  • Pima County Illegal Dumping Hotline
    Coordinates investigation of illegal dump sites. To report illegal dumping in-progress, call 911 to provide information to local law enforcement.
    (520) 622-5800
  • Pima County Natural Resources, Parks & Recreation
    Provides educational and recreational opportunities as well as land conservation efforts for residents throughout Pima County. Ramada, field and special event reservations available.
  • Pima County Take Action Against Graffiti
    Coordinates removal of graffiti at residential, commercial and public sites in unincorporated Pima County. Additional resources may also be available through the town governments of Marana, Oro Valley, and Sahuarita.
    (520) 792-8224
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  • Sabino Canyon/Coronado National Forest
    Provides educational and recreational opportunities, and land management in the Sky Islands mountain ranges throughout southeastern Arizona and in to New Mexico. Sabino Canyon shuttles available through a private operator, call (520) 749-2327 or visit www.sabinocanyon.com for information.
  • Saguaro National Park - Rincon Mountain District
    Provides educational and recreational opportunities in two national park areas dedicated to preserving the giant Saguaro cactus and unique desert landscapes. Two separate park districts are on the east and west sides of Tucson.
  • Saguaro National Park - Tucson Mountain District
    Provides educational and recreational opportunities in two national park areas dedicated to preserving the giant Saguaro cactus and unique desert landscapes. Two separate park districts are on the east and west sides of Tucson.
  • Santa Rosa Neighborhood Center
    Additional location to purchase SunGo passes for Sun Tran public transit services.
  • Sky Bar & Cafe
    Additional location to purchase SunGo passes for Sun Tran public transit services.
  • Sky Island Alliance Servicio al cliente disponible en español
  • Solar One Stop
    Learn about permitting information, rebates and incentives, residential solar energy calculators, real-time solar generation info, solar website links, upcoming events and more.
    Pima County is a TCB Program Sponsor.
  • Southern Arizona Buffelgrass Coordination Center
    This organization promotes interagency response efforts and educational campaigns toward the elimination of invasive buffelgrass in the Sonoran desert.
    (520) 626-8307
  • Southern Arizona Environmental Management Society
    Organization of environmental professionals actively promoting awareness, education, and understanding of environmental issues, and providing a forum for exchange of ideas and information between private enterprises, government, industry and education.
  • Sun RideShare
    RideShare manages a carpool/vanpool matching database to connect people who may work near each other, live in the same neighborhood and work similar hours. Sign up to take advantage of RideShare benefits.
  • Sun Tran Servicio al cliente disponible en español
    Public transportation service for the Tucson-Pima County metro area. The Sun Tran Administration Building is Green and LEED certified, with solar power and energy efficient building materials. Sun Tran buses use CNG fuel and operations have several hybrid vehicles.
  • Sun Tran Special Services Servicio al cliente disponible en español
    Customer service center for public transportation in the Tucson-Pima County metro area. Purchase SunGo passes and apply for economy fare programs at this location. A variety of standard fare SunGo passes may also be purchased at transit centers and Fry’s Food stores customer service throughout the Tucson area.
  • Sustainable Tucson
    (520) 770-9861
  • The Freecycle Network
    An online community providing a free service for people who would like to give away and/or receive reusable items. Everything posted on this list must be free, legal and appropriate for all ages.
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  • The Green Pueblo Map
    This map shows the locations of recycling centers and businesses or organizations that accept materials for recycling, as well as other community assets that make the region more sustainable.
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  • Tohono Chul Park
    Promotes the connection between nature, art and culture for Tucson area residents and visitors in an urban desert preserve setting.
  • Treasures 4 Teachers of Tucson
    Accepts gently used office supplies, craft materials, books, and other items. Collected items are provided free or at a low cost to educators to be used to enable success in their classrooms. Also accepts a variety of other materials including film canisters and other household items that can be repurposed in classroom activities. Volunteer-run organization working to save education and the environment.
  • Tucson Audubon Society
    Offers a selection of books for sale to encourage appreciation for nature and the environment. Coordinates environmental restoration and conservation work and consulting as well as education programs.
  • Tucson Botanical Gardens
    Master Composter available for consultation at the Home Composting Demonstration Site courtesy of the Tucson Organic Gardeners, Saturdays from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Normal garden admission fees apply.
  • Tucson Clean and Beautiful
    Coordinates the Trees for Tucson Urban Forestry Program, Waste Reduction and Recycling, and Sustainability Education programs. Also provides bags for one-time and ongoing litter cleanups through the Adopt-a-Park and Public Areas program.
    (520) 791-3109
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  • Tucson Clean Cities Coalition
    Works with local businesses and government to replace use of gasoline and diesel fuel, accelerate use of alternative fuel vehicles and build local refueling infrastructure for alternative fuel vehicles to reduce vehicle emissions and air pollution.
    Pima Association of Governments is a TCB Program Partner.
  • Tucson Organic Gardeners
    Master Composter consultation available every Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. at the Home Composting Demonstration Site located at the Tucson Botanical Gardens, 2150 N. Alvernon Way. Composting workshops presented periodically. Compost bins for sale.
    (520) 670-9158
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  • Tucson Water Servicio al cliente disponible en español
    Information available for Tucson Water customers on residential, commercial and landscape water conservation, reducing peak use, gray water reuse, rebates, workshops, water audits, ordinances, enforcement, and more.
    The City of Tucson is a TCB Program Partner.
  • U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC)-Arizona Sonoran Branch
    The organization takes a partnership-based approach to creating and supporting projects for members to impact their local community in a meaningful way. Seeks to develop a wide range of community projects including energy assessments, green school education campaigns, and collaborations with other organizations. Develops strategies to support innovative projects based on specific green building areas to expand the sustainable built environment throughout our community. Currently developing the USGBC National ADVANCE initiative to make green building technical resources and expertise available to broader audiences (such as schools, non-profits and faith-based organizations), and includes emerging professionals as a major part of these efforts. The Branch is also committed to the annual Green Apple Day of Service, an international service project organized by USGBC’s Center for Green Schools that seeks to ensure all children have healthy, safe and productive learning environments. Any building-related materials that can be reused or recycled for potential project needs is of interest to our organization along with partnering to seek any needed materials.
    (520) 975-0145
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  • University of Arizona - Campus Sustainability
    Gateway for University of Arizona environmental sustainability education and resources for the campus and outreach to the community.
  • University of Arizona-Water Resources Research Center
    Promotes understanding of critical state and regional water management and policy issues through research, community outreach and public education.
  • University of Arizona/Pima County Cooperative Extension
    Educational programs promote environmental stewardship, family health and well-being, youth development and agriculture.
  • Upcycle Tucson Servicio al cliente disponible en español
    Promotes the creation of functional and aesthetic art from scrap reusable materials that might unnecessarily go into the landfill. Accepts donations of new or gently used arts and crafts materials (anything related to painting, sewing, mosaics, and more) and unique, quirky, colorfol or interesting industrial or business materials. No large items accepted. See website for a full list of items, or contact the location for more information.
  • USA National Phenology Network
    Encourages people of all ages and backgrounds to observe and record phenology as a way to discover and explore the nature and pace of our dynamic world. Offers programs including Nature’s Notebook, and curriculum resources and activities for teachers.
  • Visit Tucson Servicio al cliente disponible en español
    Provides information on a variety of area recreational and cultural attractions.
  • Watershed Management Group Servicio al cliente disponible en español
    Assists residents and communities in the management of water and land resources through workshops and other collaborative work activities.