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Small deciduous fruit bearing tree or shrub with thorny zig-zagging branches. Very heat, drought, and cold tolerant. The small shiny oval leaves are a dark green in the summer and will turn a light yellow in the fall before dropping its leaves. Sometimes called a Chinese date, because of its origin and shape of the fruit, but it is not in the date family. The small edible fruit is mature when red and usually ripens in the fall. Before the fruit dries out it will have a taste and texture similar to an apple.

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Tree Stats
Native No
Type Deciduous
Growth Rate Moderate
Hardiness 5°F
Water Moderate
Mature Size H: 15-20 ft W: 10-12 ft/td>
Thorns Yes
Flower Color/Season Green-Yellow/Summer
Litter Moderate
Allergenic Low
Multi Trunk? Yes
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