The regal carob is an evergreen, spreading tree with a broad, semi-spherical crown. Sturdy trunks and branches have rough, grey-brown bark. Leaves are alternate and pinnate, at times with a terminal leaflet. Carob trees are dioecious, with male and female flowers produced on different trees. Only female trees produce pods, but male trees are needed for pollination. Carob trees flower in autumn; numerous small catkins are borne on spurs of old wood, and arranged in a spiral along the floral axis. The elongated, leguminous pods may be straight or curved and take one year to develop. The ripe pods eventually fall to the ground, from September to November.

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Tree Stats
Native No
Type Evergreen
Growth Rate Slow to Moderate
Hardiness 20°F
Water Moderate
Mature Size H: 30-50 ft W: 30-40 ft
Thorns No
Flower Color/Season Red/Late Fall
Litter Low
Allergenic Low
Multi Trunk? Yes
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