Anna Apple

Malus x domestica ‘Anna’


The Anna apple is the ideal apple tree to plant in Tucson due to it’s low chill hour requirement. Beautiful white and pink flowers emerge while the tree is still bare in early spring, with the fruit ripening early to mid summer. The fruit is medium sized with green skin that has a slight red tint to it. They are a crisp apple, with the taste falling somewhere between tart and sweet. They are also self fruiting so you do not need to plant more than one in order to produce fruit.

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Tree Stats
Native No
Type Deciduous
Growth Rate Slow
Hardiness -20°F
Water High
Mature Size H:15 to 20 ft W: 15 to 20 ft
Thorns No
Flower Color/Season Pink/Spring
Litter Moderate
Allergenic Low
Multi Trunk? No
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