Barrio Nopal Neighborhood Street Tree Planting

The Barrio Nopal Neighborhood and Trees for Tucson are happy to announce a Street Tree Planting campaign for the neighborhood. Help cool our neighborhood and shade our streets by agreeing to take care of up to two FREE low-water-use shade trees. If you agree to take care of these trees they will be planted in the front of your home with volunteers on the scheduled planting day.

Please read the following information before placing your order:

Trees for Tucson is using a coupon code to allow homeowners to order their free shade trees. You will need to enter that coupon code in the cart or checkout portion of the ordering process. Each household in Barrio Nopal can use the coupon code for up to 2 free trees to be planted in front of their homes. You may also purchase additional trees through our website.

By placing your order using the coupon code you agree to the Terms and Conditions for this planting event.

Deadline to order your free shade trees: Sunday – March 7

Tree Planting Day: Saturday – March 20 at 9 am

Help your neighbors: Sign up here to volunteer and plant trees in your area


Qualifying Shade Trees