Application Form – 2019 Neighborhood Scale Stormwater Harvesting Program

NOTE: Before beginning to fill out this form, it is best to have responses and files prepared ahead of time to paste in to the form. Partial applications are not saved. Application attachments are available at and will need to be emailed to to complete your application. Be sure to reference your project name in the subject line.

General Information & Contact

Be sure to include a letter of support from your Ward office for this project, and email to:

Part I: Project Description

Describe the project site.

1. Provide a link to an online map that pinpoints the project site.

(Alternately, you may email a map to )

2. To complement your map, please describe the location of the project site and explain the value of the project to the neighborhood (150 words or fewer):

What problem/issue are you trying to solve?
3. In 200 words or fewer, please describe the neighborhood benefits this project will create and the importance of these benefits.

Give a detailed description of the project's design.
4. Describe the conceptual physical layout of your project, such as:
(a) how features will allow you to accomplish the goals you described above
(b) include thoughts about earthworks, including berms, basins, and swales
(c) curb cuts or cores, if applicable
(d) plant selection, and explain how these features will affect the site's use of harvested stormwater

If selected, Tucson Clean & Beautiful will work with applicant on design and plant selection.

Part II: Maintenance

The project will require the group's commitment for maintenance, as well as consent from all property owners whose property abuts the project area.

Return an Adopt-a-Site form for any public sites to be improved. This may be submitted online or email to

Return a project consent form for any property owners adjacent to the proposed improvement - this may be emailed to

At a minimum, new plants initially need to be watered during the first year of establishment.
5. List the names of those who have volunteered to assist with the watering.

Part III: Monitoring
Project will require monitoring and reporting for at least three years post-construction.
6. Provide a list of three or more contacts that will be responsible for follow-up monitoring and reporting:

What else have you considered to execute the project successfully?
7. Describe any volunteer commitment plans that will need to be put in place after the grant has been awarded.

Describe your volunteer/outreach plan.
8. How and to what extent will members of the community be engaged in the work?

IMPORTANT: Before submitting, be sure you have the information you are about to submit saved outside this online form, as your backup copy.

Additional attachments may be submitted to - be sure to reference your project title. If assistance is needed, call (520) 791-3109 or email

If your project is awarded funding, you agree to the following.

1. I accept full responsibility as the project contact.
2. I will submit quarterly reports as outlined by Tucson Clean & Beautiful.
3. I will provide site photo updates from a consistent photo point monitoring location – quarterly while work is in progress, and twice per year thereafter.
4. I will work with neighborhood volunteers where we will participate in a program for ongoing site stewardship (e.g., Tucson Clean and Beautiful’s Adopt a Public Area program)
5. I will agree to make my application package available for public review.

By typing my name below, I acknowledge and agree to the conditions above.

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