Supply Request and Tool Checkout Form

Please use this form to request to borrow tools for short-term neighborhood cleanup projects, as well as additional tools for ongoing Adopt-a-Park & Public Areas volunteer projects that take place regularly throughout the year. At least 2-3 weeks notice is helpful! Tool availability is not always guaranteed - but we will touch base and supply what we can to accommodate your group's needs!

All tools loaned must be returned within 1 week (by the following Wednesday preferred, as many groups check out supplies on the Thursday or Friday prior to the next weekend).

Cleanup Project Leader Name


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Phone numbers

Date of cleanup

Preferred supply pickup date and time (TCB will confirm availability):

Number of items needed:

- Pairs of gloves

- Litter grabbers

- Reflective vests

- Road work sign sets

- Leaf rakes

- Rock rakes

- Digging shovels

- Flat/transfer shovels

- LARGE debris scoop shovels (not for digging)

- Hula hoes

- Garden hoes

- Digging/caliche bars

- Push brooms

- Boxes of bags - size: (Large bags are heavy duty/50 to a box, for high litter roadway, wash and buffelgrass projects; Medium are similar to lawn/leaf bags/90 to a box, for moderate litter sites; Small are kitchen-size/200 to a box, good for light litter, small parks, and youth projects)

How many boxes/notes:

Project description/other needs/notes