Report Litterbugs

If you see someone actively, illegally dumping quantities of trash, please do not confront them; instead, call 911 and remain a safe distance away!

Keep Arizona Beautiful offers a toll-free hotline, 1-877-3-LITTER (1-877-354-8837) and website to report those who litter from vehicles. The following information is needed to provide a valid and complete litter report:

  • Item littered
  • Location (address or nearest intersection, and city)
  • Date and time of occurrence
  • Vehicle make & model/description
  • Vehicle license plate number and state
  • You will be asked to give your name and mailing address, as verification of the littering report. All reports remain anonymous, and contact information is not shared with the litterbug.
  • The registered owner of the vehicle will be sent a letter to inform them that litter was seen discarded from their vehicle and remind them that under state law, littering is illegal (see ARS 13-1603 and ARS 28-7056).

Additional resources:

City of Tucson Code Enforcement also addresses litter, dumping and weed-related issues within city limits through the Neighborhood Preservation Ordinance.

Pima County also regulates aspects of waste disposal through the Department of Environmental Quality and Pima County Zoning/Code Compliance.