Adopt a Park & Public Areas Volunteer Report Form

    A volunteer work report should be completed through the online form below by the volunteer leader after each project/event. Instructions are available to bookmark this report form to your phone for easier access. If you prefer, submit the PDF/printed form:

    Please IMMEDIATELY call 911 to report any emergencies or extreme threats to safety & health! Then, also report emergency or non-emergency but dangerous conditions to TCB at (520) 837-6834 and/or via your report. City of Tucson, Pima County and other agencies may receive this info for follow-up.

    Adopted site name (streets/washes: include segment i.e. Speedway, Campbell to Tucson):
    Date(s) of clean-up:
    Your Name or Group Name:
    Start Time:
    Finish Time:
    # of Participants:
    # of Bags collected:
    Total group volunteer hours, this day/timeframe (hours X participants, or actual total if times vary):

    Before project: Excellent/very goodGoodAverageFairBad
    After project: Excellent/very goodGoodAverageFairBad
    Project follow-up:
    NO bag/debris pickup (on-site disposal/removed by volunteers)
    YES, bag/debris pick-up still needed
    If there are bags and piles of debris to pick up, please note the number of bags and size of debris pile and specifically where located:

    Need additional bags for your next project? Select bag type (large drum liners, medium lawn/leaf, or small kitchen size)
    How many boxes/notes:
    (May be obtained from TCB by appointment, or call (520) 837-6834 for further assistance)

    Comments for maintenance, repairs, replacement or other project/supply needs: (examples: potholes, damaged signage, full trash cans, heavy weeds, etc.-please describe location). You may report graffiti issues directly to local jurisdictions! (opens in a new window):

    Upload a picture from your cleanup (additional pictures, if needed, or if over-size, may be sent to

    Name of Group Coordinator/Person Providing Report:
    Check here if you are a new contact for this group (not currently receiving TCB notices/contact): Yes, I am a new contact
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