Tucson Clean & Beautiful

2018 Annual Report

Tucson Clean & Beautiful, Inc. is the community platform for volunteer environmental activism. Our programs help turn simple acts into regional change. Together, we create healthy, vibrant and environmentally just communities. Leave your mark, volunteer today! Tucson Clean and Beautiful  520-791-3109

From the Director

How fortunate we are! We live, work, learn, and play in a diverse community situated in the most biodiverse desert on the planet.  For 33 years, Tucson Clean and Beautiful along with its legions of volunteers has worked to improve that environment, conserve natural resources, and enhance the quality of life.  Not with the grand plans of a few, but with combined and coordinated simple acts performed by many.

In that time, this is what we’ve learned. Our combined efforts build community. Tucson’s diversity is its strength. Whether native or imported, with different backgrounds, traditions, beliefs, and opinions, the magnificent desert with its unmatched sunsets and incredible vistas unify us all. It’s what makes Tucson, Tucson.

Every day diverse Tucsonans come together to pick up litter and clean neighborhoods, plant trees along streets, at parks and schools, harvest rainwater, reduce, reuse, and recycle resources, and help control invasive weeds. Each day neighbors meet neighbors while working across the region. Working together, performing simple acts, united by the wonderful desert, we deepen and strengthen community.

Your simple acts are like pebbles tossed in a pond. They create ripples.  Ripples that travels far, joining other ripples, creating a wave. A wave of regional change – improving the environment, conserving natural resources, enhancing the quality of life,  and uniting our beautiful Sonoran Desert community.

Thank you for all your simple acts that make Metro Tucson a great place to live, work, learn, and play!  – Tom Ellis

Trees for Tucson

Trees for Tucson is a community partnership supported by donations and corporate sponsorship that extends the life-giving benefits of trees to the entire community through advocacy, education and planting of trees at schools and parks, in neighborhoods and on streets, with businesses, residents and volunteers.
At 16 schools, we planted 153 new trees, with 2,239 students. At eight parks, we planted 367 new trees, with 568 volunteers. Trees for Tucson distributed a total of 4,364 new trees to the Tucson community.  

Trees save lives and improve livability by soaking up pollution and cooling down deadly heat waves. Trees create healthy, safe, and resilient communities. Our programs expand tree canopy, educate the public about how to care for trees, and advocate for the stewardship of the trees we already have. You can help grow the future by planting your own forest, join us for a community tree planting, or donate to help us plant trees in neighborhoods where they are most needed.

Adopt a Public Space Program

This popular 33 year old program makes a huge difference in the health and appearance of our community. Volunteers are love in motion and we love all the dedicated, passionate volunteers who provide invaluable stewardship of public spaces.
301 stewarded sites, 6,376 volunteers, 12,594 volunteer hours, 818 clean-up events providing over $300,000 of service for the community.

Lots of little actions from everyone add up to something great! Stewardship leaves the environment better. It all comes down to individual choices, to pick-up litter, plant trees, reduce waste; everyday personal decisions to borrow or reuse, to buy, or to purchase greener alternatives. Our volunteers walk the talk and it all adds up to a big impact. Act as if what you do makes a difference – it does!

Waste Reduction

Conserving resources is a way of life. Incorporate waste reduction into every aspect of your daily life! Our program informs, educates, supports and celebrates individual and community waste reduction efforts.
2,843 recycling inquiries, two cohorts of Master Recycler Classes, with 17 new Master Recyclers, 31 Recycling Plays at 31 area schools reaching 1,550 k-4th grade students; 225 RUMBA art submissions were received including 92 student projects.

Through our online, bilingual recycling directory, an encyclopedia of waste reduction options are a mouse click away. For specialized information, phone our information hotline, manned by recycling experts. Participate in TCB’s annual RUMBA art show where re-used materials become awesome artistic creations! Join a Master Recycler class and become a recycling leader in the community.

Invasive Species

The rapid spread of buffelgrass and the conversion of fire-resistant desert to flammable grassland rivals climate change and drought as our region’s most pressing environmental issue. (Arizona Sonoran Desert Museum Problem) Volunteer for a buffelgrass pull!
78 Acres of buffelgrass treated,
10 volunteer buffelgrass pulls, and 780 volunteer hours of buffelgrass eradication.

Buffelgrass threatens not only our beautiful Sonoran Desert surroundings but also poses a fire danger to our homes, businesses, schools, and neighborhoods. We are laser focused on eradicating buffelgrass from A-Mountain and Tumamoc Hill through a powerful partnership between the U of A, the Arizona Sonoran Desert Museum,  Pima County, the City of Tucson, and a passionate group of volunteers. This effort is made possible by a grant from the Arizona Department of Forestry and Fire Management. Beat back Buffelgrass month Kicks off in January – get involved with this important effort!

Training and Workshops

Our training programs help disseminate best practices in tree care, waste reduction, buffelgrass eradication, while helping participants gain both personal and professional skills. We integrate training and community action projects, investing in people and places while empowering volunteers to steward their communities.
26 workshops and trainings reaching 572 individuals, 12 re-entry internships, 18 site improvement workshops.

Our training programs serve a range of participants, from municipal workers to homeowners, to individuals who are formerly incarcerated as well as at-risk youth. Attend a workshop today, or volunteer your talents
and lead a community project! Landscape training funded by a grant from Pima County Community Development Block Grant and the Arizona Department of Forestry and Fire Management.

Green Infrastructure

Tucson Clean and Beautiful, Inc. by formal agreement with the City of Tucson Water Department, administers the neighborhood-scale green infrastructure grant program whose objective is to provide neighborhoods with stormwater solutions within a City of Tucson.
8 stormwater harvesting projects completed, 24 proposals in the queue,
27 neighborhoods/community groups engaged.

The benefits of harvesting stormwater to support trees include energy conservation; enhanced recreation and walkability; increased property values; improved air quality; enhanced quality of life; neighborhood sense of place; pavement preservation; restored ecosystems/increased wildlife habitat; increased shade/tree canopy; mitigation of urban heat islands; stormwater management; and neighborhood safety through traffic calming.

Shade Tucson!

Trees connect us to nature and provide many social, community, environmental, and economic benefits. Trees make a city healthy, resilient, vibrant, and beautiful. But Tucson is losing trees faster than new trees are planted. Let’s work together to grow Tucson’s next generation of trees. Join the Shade Tucson! campaign and help plant 1.2 million new trees to cover 20% of the city in shade. Help by planting and caring for trees along streets, at schools, parks, businesses, houses of worship, and especially at residences and in Tucson’s neighborhoods.

Do you want to live, work, study, and play in a city with shade and trees? What can you do to help make this a reality?

  • Care for and protect existing trees
  • Harvest rainwater to support trees
  • Plant the right tree in the right place
  • Organize a community tree planting
  • Contribute to SHADE TUCSON! and bring new trees to unshaded neighborhood


As a non-profit organization dependent upon donations, gifts, and support from multiple resources, Tucson Clean and Beautiful is committed to maintaining a clear record of financial statements and documents. Transparency and integrity are part of our commitment to the community.

IRS FORM 990 2018

Board of Directors and Staff

2018 Board of Directors

  • Maximiliano Torres -President
  • Jason Tankersly – Vice President
  • Joseph Maher – Treasurer
  • Beth Gorman – Secretary
  • Michael Jette – Past President
  • Richard Block – Member at Large
  • Nandi Muhammad – Member at Large
  • Shawn Calendine
  • Ronni Kotwica
  • Meredith Lipscomb
  • Greg McCraken
  • Michael Peel
  • Larry Robinson
  • Alix Rogstad
  • Nicole Sweeney
  • Barbara Warren


  • Tom Ellis – Executive Director
  • Katie Gannon – Program Director Trees for Tucson
  • Rebecca Quintero – Waste Reduction Coordinator
  • Rocky Yosek – Operations Manager Trees for Tucson
  • Sofia Angkasa – Business Manager
  • Warren Kilgore – Intern
  • Vonda Lee Ashberger – Volunteer Extraordinaire & Chief Cake Baker


Melissa  Acuna, Kae Adams, Samuel Alvarado, Alex Alvarado, Michael Anglin, Randy, Justin, Lindsey & Blakely Argraves, Michael Melton  & Arlis McLean, Vonda Lee & Gary Ashberger, Anne Baffert, Theodore & CherylBahn, Juan J. Barba, Marley Beard, Ally Becwar, Hubert W. Bell, Abra Bentley, Jill Bernstein, Elizabeth Berry, Georgine Betancourt, Petro Hul & BetsyBowen, Cindy Bieger, Rosemary Bolza, Sheila Bourque, Sherri Rosalik & BrentKreuzer, Lisa Brigden, Sandra & Sol Brody, William Broersma, Sue M. Brown, Melissa Brown-Dominguez, Kerie Hitt & Bruce Wright, Dennis Caldwell, Carianne Campbell, Tracey L. Campisi, Melinda Carter, Debbie Chavanelle, EdwardCollette, B.J. & Hanna Cordova, Teresa A. Cotter, Sally & Bob Crawford, Stephen Daigle, Judy Dare, Thomas Delgado, Deirdre Demers, Brandee Devaney, Peter Dourlein, Mark & Linda Ekstrum, Tom & Liz Ellis, Arnold & Sandra Escoboza, Sheri Fell, Melissa Fitzgerald, Stephen & Cathy Ganns, Sally M. Gestautas, Stuart Gillis, Brandon Goldstein, Yvonne Gonzalez, Beth Gorman, Richard Gradillas, Gail Gurney, William Halvorson, Andreana Haney, GailHarris, Gary & Amy Heinfeld, Harley Higbie, Katherine Hirschboeck, Cathy Hoffman, Heather Hopkins, Wilson & Betsy Hughes, Ellie Hundshamer, Robert & JoAnne Hungate, Doug Jackson, Angela Jenkins, Marcella Jenkins, Deron Beal & Jennifer Columbus, Michael Jette, Ruth O'Brien & Jim Irvine, Cloud Johnson, Bob & Susan Johnstone, Dona Warner & Jon Lash, Keith Kaback, Jen Kaddi, Ruth Kea, Barbara Kelly, Barbara Ricca & Ken Asch, Nicole B. Kessler-Snook, Kurt & Mary Koenig, Derek Koller, George & Susan Kuck, Steven Lane, BethRose Larsen,
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